PROVIDERS  /  Milestones

September Milestones

Education Milestones

    • Complete Health and Safety Checklist on classrooms.
    • Plan and conduct parent orientation. 
    • Schedule and complete initial home visits
    • Complete/update Home Language survey
    • Resources to share: TSI books and handout on Child Assessment 
    • Parents establish School Readiness goals during home visit 
    • Review each classrooms daily routine. Do they match Head Start and curriculum requirements? Observe daily routines and focus on how the children and staff are adjusting to the new program year and provide feedback
    • Review COPA and Teaching Strategies GOLD information to ensure data entered is accurate for: teacher/classroom match, funding sources, color bands, Home Language survey, primary language, children with IEPs and HR 
    • Schedule Pedestrian and Transportation Safety/Evacuation training (within 30 days of program start date)
    • Certify that bus evacuation drills occur prior to children/adults go on field trips
    • Update staff Professional Development plan 
    • Register new staff into Gateways within 30 days of hire 
    • Complete Parent School Readiness survey 
    • Certification process enrollment in compliance with age and class size 
    • Review 2014-2015 Creative Curriculum, GOLD Assessment, CLASS activities and/or training schedule for the month of September and October 
    • Certify Education staff participated in Pedestrian and Transportation Safety/Evacuation training 
    • Prepare and schedule transition activities, End of the Year Celebrations and field trips 
    • Certification of teaching staff qualification 
    • Training calendar update 
    • CPS Track “R” starts 
    • Curriculum and Assessment Orientation for teachers and teacher assistants 
    • Finalize agency-wide inventory of Creative Curriculum Pre School Kits 
    • Review and compare COPA #601/970 staffing patterns with GOLD staffing patterns and email to DFSS Education Support Service Coordinator 

Health Services Milestones

    • New COPA health data completed and entered in COPA. 
    • Ensure all physical/dental exams, and vision/hearing screenings are completed by the 45th day 
    • Schedule treatment/follow-up appointments
    • Complete health orientation for parents and submit report to governing bodies/management 
    • Vision/Hearing Screenings conducted and results entered into COPA. 
    • Ensure that absent children are screened for hearing and vision at the Special CSD Clinics 
    • Replenish health supplies 
    • Update First Aid kit supplies 
    • Distribute tooth brushes 
    • Complete referral and follow-up for children with identified needs and enter into COPA 
    • Monitor health services screening (including hearing and vision) reports in COPA and update COPA health case notes 

     Developmental Screenings:

    • Ensure developmental screenings are completed by 45th day
    • Review COPA reports and follow up with agencies 
    • Verify that children who scored within the referred categories handed over to disabilities coordinator within 48 hours 

    • Cycle menus for first quarter are certified and in place and special dietary needs addressed as in the plan
    • Complete a list of consultants assigned to sites and submit to CSD 
    • Growth Assessment must be documented in COPA 
    • Monitor Nutrition services reports in COPA 
    • Food experiences are conducted based on the monthly schedule
    • Infant feeding schedules and logs are maintained and shared with parents
    • Infant formulas are purchased for enrolled children
    • Family style feeding is observed
    • Replenish tooth brushes  
    • Tooth brushing is included in the daily schedule
    • Menus are posted and shared with parents
    • All children are served daily meals based on the CACFP and Head Start regulations and recorded in COPA
    • Follow up on children, pregnant women referred for nutrition issues
    • Update COPA case notes
    • Document IMIL implementation
    • Monitor Nutrition services reports in COPA
    • Sanitation requirements observed

    Mental Health:
    • Complete a list of consultants assigned to sites and submit to CSD. 
    • Conduct Parent Orientation/Workshops 
    • Mental health activity plans completed and posted 
    • Review Mental Health Activity Record to ensure the mental health consultant completes services 
    • Show Evidence that Social-Emotional Screening Meeting (SESM) occur for children in the Refer category of the ASQ: SE 
    • Review ASQ-(SE) results in COPA for children needing follow up 
    • Follow up on referred children and services provided 
    • Parent and staff orientations are conducted according to training plans 
    • Update COPA case notes 
    • Monitor Mental Health services reports in COPA 

Program Governance Milestones

    • Support parents in convening their monthly Parent committee and Policy committee meetings and maintain record keeping systems for securing meeting materials
    • Conduct Parent Orientation Session inclusive of educating parents on Policy Committee service and Parent Committee involvement and expectations
    • Present and provide written monthly reports to the Policy Committee and Board: Meals/Snacks/Enrollment/Attendance/Fiscal/PIR Summaries
    • Submit/Upload August’s Certification of Personnel Actions
    • Present 4th Quarter Child Outcome Analysis to the Policy Committee and Board
    • Prepare the Scope of Services, Parent Involvement Activity Budget Plan and HS/EHS Budget in partnership with the Policy Committee and Board
    • Provide CPPC reports to the Policy Committee
    • Conduct Parent Committee elections for site officers and Policy Committee members for the program year

Support Services Milestones

    • FCP:  Follow-up on documentation in COPA (goals, referrals/services and case notes) documentation must support families' priorities
    • FCP: Review and update monthly COPA reports of family progress toward goals, referrals/services and case notes (review COPA reports 1008, 1009, 1010, and PIR)
    • Disabilities: Train staff on CPS/CSD referral process, submit referral packets
    • Disabilities: Enter evaluation dates and completed IEP/IFSP into COPA
    • Disabilities: Complete CPS and CFC referral status report and submit to CSD, governing bodies/management

 Management Milestones

    • Management: Identify and submit list of potential partners to the Office of CSD 
    • Governance: Engage the Policy Committee and Board in the development of the sub-grant agreement process 
    • Governance: Convene parent orientation on Policy Committee responsibilities 
    • Management: Identify Work Program Roundtable participants 
    • Management: Participate in Work Program Roundtables at the Office of CSD 
    • Management: Secure signatures and approvals for contracts and submit to the Office of CSD 
    • Governance: Submit enrollment certification to the Office of CSD by 9/25/15
    • Governance: Present independent audit findings and corrective action plan to the Policy Committee and Board 
    • Management/Governance: Submit parent involvement activity budget calendar to the Office of CSD 
    • Management/Governance: Certify payment of payroll tax and fringe benefit payments report to the Board and the Office of CSD 
    • Governance: Ensure that the Policy Committee and Board receives accurate information and reports monthly as applicable. 
    • ERSEA: Certification process – 1st Friday and 3rd Friday of September - enrollment numbers and ensure all child/family enrollment data is entered into COPA and in age/class size compliance to the Office of CSD 
    • ERSEA: Verify the completion of the income eligibility checklist on COPA (HSEV section 5) 
    • Safe Environments: Certify evacuation plan partnership location 
    • Safe Environments: Submit facility improvement plans as requested 
    • Transportation: Certify 30 day mandated emergency bus evacuation drills are conducted to the office of CSD 
    • Transportation: Conduct pedestrian safety training 

Safe environments Milestones

    • Conduct playground equipment safety check 
    • Submit facility improvement plans as requested 
    • Conduct monthly fire drill